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Laura - A True Story

Laura - A True Story

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 Dr. Alaine Pakkala

A powerful story of healing, hope and triumph
"Laura" was born into a mid-western home steeped in spiritual darkness. The youngest of four children, she was "chosen" to inherit a powerful place in the kingdom of darkness. But by God's grace, this abused little girl was lifted into a life of joy-filled freedom, emotional healing and a worldwide ministry.
"Laura's autobiography not only unmasks the evils that darkness sometimes perpetrates, but it also exalts the infinite superiority of our Lord's love, mercy and grace. It will bring light and hope to others who have been wounded by such terrible evils." ~ Dr. Mark Bubeck, Author
"I was drawn through this amazing book ... as if Laura were allowing me to feel something of what it is like to live simultaneously in her two worlds. ... Most importantly, I experienced the hand of the loving God as He faithfully preserved her life." ~ Dr. Daniel Rumberger, Psychologist
"I cried. ... I struggled with anger. I rejoiced in the profound touch of God. ...Laura has transformed my perspective toward those abused and traumatized by the enemy. Do not read this book if you do not want to be deeply touched." ~ Rev. Bob Allison, Pastor
For those who want to understand the impact of severe abuse on the dissociative child, this true story presents the journey of a little girl who found emotional healing, joy-filled freedom and, eventually, a worldwide ministry, in spite of her dark past. This book will remind you that we have a God who "makes up for the years that the locusts have eaten." 
168 pages
Warning: Contents may not be appropriate for young and/or sensitive readers.

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