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Addiction Recovery - 2 DVD set

Addiction Recovery - 2 DVD set

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 These discs contain Ed Khouri's two workshops on "Addiction Recovery."

Session 1: Our brain and life works best when we are empowered by joyful relationships with God and others.   Using fresh research that points out the importance of joy for healthy brain development, this workshop will explain how relationships help build strong capacity for joy, and describe how a lack of joyful capacity leads to the development of multiple addictions.   Joyful relationships provide the brain what it needs to avoid and recover from addictions.

Session 2: Trauma is an experience or a series of experiences that overwhelm our emotional capacity.   This workshop will describe the unique effects of 2 types of trauma and how they impact our brain and life.  The workshop will also explore dissociation, triggering and relapse – and will focus on how we can begin to heal.


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