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2012 Bienniel Conference - CD set

2012 Bienniel Conference - CD set

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Every workshop and plenary session from the 2012 Deeper Walk Conference in Indianapolis. Features: Jim Wilder, Karl Lehman, John Lynch, Karl Payne, Marcus Warner, Timothy Warner, Raymond and Tuggy Dunton, Alaine Pakkala, Jeff Pokone, and the team from Quest This is a two case set with over 20 discs.

Topics include:

"What's Going On in the American Church" - Tim Warner

"Immanuel Prayer: Introduction, Demonstration, and Advanced Issues" - Karl Lehman

"Ministering to Survivors of Sexual Abuse" - Ray & Tuggy Dunton

"Protection in the Evil Day" & "Breaking the Sin Cycle" - John Lynch

"Deeper Walk Essentials" & "How to Get the Most Out of Your Bible" - Marcus Warner

"Narcissism - The Archenemy of Grace" & "Narcissism and the Bible" - Jim Wilder

"Extreme Marriage Makeover" - Jeff Pokone

"Ministering to the Marginalized" - Alaine Pakkala

"How to Effectively Recognize Demonic Activity" & "How to Effectively Remove Demonic Activity" - Karl Payne

"Taking Groups Through the 'Steps to Freedom in Christ'" - Quest Team

"Recognizing and Responding to Borderline, Bi-Polar, and D.I.D." - Panel of Experts















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