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The Call of the Harvesters

The Call of the Harvesters

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Ed Khouri shares from John 4. It is the story of how Jesus worked with a very dysfunctional woman from a seriously dysfunctional town. It is the story of how God loves to choose weak, broken, foolish and despised people - transform their lives - and then turn them loose to change the way their entire culture works.

This is the call of Jesus for all of us today. He's not looking for the "best and the brightest." He's wanting to choose the people that nobody else particularly wants or cares for to do incredible things.

In this story, Jesus meets a woman with an addiction in a town with a bad reputation, (where none of the "good people" wanted to go) turns her life upside down, and then turns her loose on her entire community.

One of the interesting things about Jesus' encounter with the woman, is that he ran into just about every argument that anyone with an addiction tends to throw in the face of someone who is trying to help. It is really interesting to see how Jesus responded to all her defense mechanisms.

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