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Joyful Beginnings Calendar

Joyful Beginnings Calendar

  • $2199

An Eighteen-Month Calendar to Help Parents:

  • Build a joyful, thriving child
  • Help your child have hope, inner peace, and rest in the future
  • Develop a secure and confident child
  • Teach your child how to have meaningful, intimate relationships
  • Model for your child how to navigate well through the struggles that come in life

"The emotional part of your child's brain develops first in the first 18 months, so I have included descriptions of the brain's growth and many ideas parents, grandparents and caregivers can use in relating to your child which will allow her to become a joyful, secure, and confident person. - It is my hope that you will keep track of your baby's accomplishments and record them on this calendar as you joyfully bond."

Maribeth Poole, Author.

This illustrated and colorful calendar makes a great gift!

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