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David Takle

We believe David Takle expands our ability to help others on the path to a deeper walk with God in the areas of relational discipleship and personal transformation.

David has spent most of his fifty-plus years as a Christian trying to figure out why the images of Kingdom Life described in the New Testament often seem so far removed from the lives of most Christians today, including himself. Throughout most of his early adult life, David taught adult Bible classes, preached sermons, led home groups, and just about everything else he could think of that might make himself and others “better Christians.” In many ways, he was exactly the kind of lay-person every pastor loves to have in his congregation. Still underneath it all was this question that never seemed to go away: “Isn't there supposed to be more to the Christian life than this? What am I missing?

That was the moment God had been waiting for. Bit by bit, God began to restore David's life and open his eyes to see things he had never known before.

David shares that, “When I began to discover what God really meant for us, I was surprised at how accessible it all is, and at the same time shocked at how far away most of us are. So, for the rest of my life, my hope is to be able to keep moving forward on this path and to help others across the bridge who desire to know this God of ours, personally.”

David has four published books to help Christians experience the abundant life described in the New Testament, including the popular Forming module of Connexus. Be sure to get his most recent work, Transformation by Design: How God Changes Lives. David and his wife, Jan, have three adult children and five grandchildren. He completed his Masters in Divinity at Fuller Seminary.